Camille Celone

Arrived – Android Redesign

Arrived is the first immigration advice app for iOS and Android.
It allows immigrants to find answers to immigration questions on
their own without needing to seek advice from external sources.


It is difficult for users to navigate through Arrived when searching for information. Immigrants from all over the world will use Arrived, so the design must be simple and easy to understand.


Create wireframes of the Arrived Android application that apply design principles to an interface that users are able to easily navigate in order to quickly locate desired information.


User Experience Designer


Critique Existing App

Critique the existing app to determine where changes need to be made based on design principles that are or are not present. I concluded that the following design principles needed my attention: alignment, consistency, proximity, and wayfinding.

Define Target Users

Determine the target users of the Arrived Android app. The identified users were immigrants to the US who need to know their rights, learn about public services they can benefit from, and find help from legal clinics and non-govermental organizations.

Create Site Map

Create a site map that displays pages present in the original version of the Arrived app and the pages I would be adding to the design in my wireframes. The pages that were present in the original Arrived application are blue and the pages I added in my designs are gray.


Many iterations of sketches provided me with numerous options when creating a final digital design. I made many different design decisions in each sketch which allowed me to select elements from different sketches to ensure that the final design was the most accessible to users based on universal design principles.


Combine sketches to create medium fidelity digital wireframes using Axure that applied the design principles that I identified when critiquing the existing app to create a simple-to-use interface for the target users.

After creating wireframes, I annotated the designs to note changes based on design principles so the Arrived team could see why specific layout changes were made.



Mid-way through the redesign of the Arrived Android interface, I was asked to work on a different project for Arrived that would be submitted to the NYC BigApps competition in hopes of funding the development of various Arrived applications.

I had to switch focus to the other project instead of continuing with this redesign so I was unable to complete a high fidelity prototype of the application. Ultimately, Arrived was not accepted to NYC BigApps and all projects stopped temporarily due to lack of funding.

Communication with Team

The Arrived team was located all over the country so communication was difficult at times, especially when trying to collaborate with other designers. Projects would often get held up while waiting on other team members to look at progress and upload other portions.

This was valuable learning experience for me because I got to experience working with others who were not located nearby. This was the first project I worked on where I was required to use Axure for the purpose of shared documents, which I have used on many projects since then.