Camille Celone

Perry Mansion Cultural Center

Perry Mansion Cultural Center serves the community of Englewood, Chicago
by providing a space for art, culture, entertainment, and educational programs.

The active site is available here.


The previously implemented Perry Mansion Cultural Center (PMCC) website was created to attract donors and draw visitors. However, the design of the site was not inviting or professional so the needs were not met.


Build a WordPress site for PMCC that provides a professional feel so donors are comfortable making donations directly from the website while maintaining a visually interesting interface that will draw new visitors to the site.


Community-Based Technology Projects
DePaul University – Fall 2017


Review Existing Site

Perry Mansion Cultural Center had a website prior to coming to the Community-Based Tech Projects class for a redesign. The team had to review the current site and determine its challenges so the newly designed site wouldn’t repeat any mistakes from the old site.

Define Users and Project Requirements

After reviewing PMCC’s previous website, our team collaboratively began documentation of the project. This included identifying the target users and documenting user stories for them, the project scope; functional, non-functional, and technical requirements; and any assumptions we made and constraints we would face.

WordPress Development

Development began with assigning each team member with pages that needed to be included in the PMCC site.

I was responsible for developing the Events page which included two subpages, an event calendar page, and a page where users could book events.

To do this, I researched and chose plugins that best fit the needs of these pages. The plugins were implemented in an appealing and easy-to-use way so the client would be able to maintain them after we passed off the completed site.


Time Restriction

This project was completed over the course of one 10-week academic term. Much of the first 5 weeks was spent focusing on documentation, leaving the entire development process for the second half of the term.

This was a good experience because it required us to work in 1-week sprint cycles and check in with each other and the client as often as possible.

Communication with Client

Our client had personal obligations throughout the course of the PMCC website redesign, which made communication difficult at times.

We had to quickly adapt and work with what was available from the previous site along with what we thought was best for the client to ensure we could present a finished product at the end of the course.