Camille Celone


SocialEater is an exploration of developing with Vue.js.
The application aims to help users track
restaurants and bars they wish to and have attended.

View the application here.


There are currently few existing web applications that were created specifically to allow users to track which restaurants and bars they wish to attend.


Explore Vue.js by building a web app that allows users to track the restaurants and bars they would like to attend, as well as those they have already attended.


Code-Based Interaction Design
DePaul University – Fall 2017



Team members determined there was a need for this site because both team members have had difficulty choosing where to eat.

Determine Basic Interface

We developed the concept for the application, deciding there would need to be an input form and some type of table to display information.

Create Data Model

We created a data model for the site to help determine necessary functionality of the site.

Create Sketches

Wireframe sketches allowed us to do an in-depth break down of SocialEater and determine the components that would be needed.

Create HTML Wireframes

Developing a very basic HTML site without utilizing Vue.js allowed us to further conceptualize the site before development.

Develop Site

We developed the site using Vue.js. The code for this project can be viewed on my GitHub.


Mobile Platform

This application is one that would likely be used while on the go. A mobile application would be the best solution to the problem.

In the future, a mobile application would be designed to have individual pages for each list, and a page for the input form so users can edit and view their lists while they're out and about.

Back-End Development

The current version of SocialEater doesn't fully function because there is no back-end in which data can be stored.

Ideally, a future version of this application would allow users to create accounts in which they could save their lists and share them with friends within the app or with a url for those who do not have an account.